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The machinery factory came to a silly employee and changed all the smart employees


  The machinery factory has come to a new employee.

  A little soil, but very obedient.

  All the other old colleagues gave him all the work he had to do.

  New employees don't mind,

  Silently help them to complete.

  The director of the workshop saw him diligently.

  Ask him to help do a lot of things.

  But he doesn't mind at all,

  But he is duty bound to do things for the supervisor.

  At last, one day,

  The boss opened a machine factory again.

  The director of the workshop is to go to the new company.

  The director of the workshop actually promoted the new employee with the leader.

  The other old employees are talking about it.

  Why so many skilled workers have been doing it longer than he did,

  Why should the new employee be managed?

  The director of the workshop gave them the answer:

  Because he is not afraid to lose,

  But in silence the work of the director of the workshop was learned.

  The old employees are afraid of losing their losses.

  Do your own thing every day.

  Can be lazy lazy...


  The old employees have no words to say

  This story tells us:

  Sometimes you don't think about it.

  You have anything to count on,

  You can only be an ordinary employee in your life,

  No one will give you money to let you learn,

  As long as the state of mind is good,

  Be able to lose,

  It will shine.

  And some of the little bitterness is not worth it.

  I don't want to do it.

  Such a man can never be a man.

  Know that all you do now is pave the way for your future.

  Maybe in the short term you're working harder than others.

  But in the future you must do more than those who are afraid.

  It's easier to succeed than those who do one job with a salary.

  One day,

  You will feel that all you do is worth it!

  Wherever you go,

  Fear of loss, fear of suffering,

  You can only take ordinary employees' wages in your life.

  Looking at the other colleagues as supervisors,

  The envy of others is higher than one's own salary.

  Every successful person is the result of hard work.

  No one is a successful person.

  Your present state of mind determines your future.

  The road to success is not crowded!

  Whether you are a machine or something, try it. Please stop complaining and abandon, work hard, accumulate slowly, will have to pay the return, perhaps not now, sooner or later there will be successful, often prefer those who "melon"!

  Come on, you'll have a spring of your own!